Commercial services

The GestióIP project offers the following commercial services:

Commercial support service

The commercial support service includes:

  • Email support for all technical questions regarding installation, configuration and operation.
  • Remote session service in the case of serious problems.
  • Creation of patches in short term
Responses to most inquiries are usually received in the same business day, often within less than an hour of receipt.

Remote installation service

Installation of the GestióIP software and initialization of the database with organization's network and host information.

The installation service includes:

  • Installation of the GestióIP software
  • Adaptation of the installation to organization specific requirements (definition of custom columns, ipv6 support, leased line support, AS support)
  • Configuration of the Apache web server with HTTPS and Virtual Host
  • Configuration of user authentication against LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Configuration of the authorization system
  • Import of spreadsheets (networks and hosts)
  • Initialization of the network discovery process
  • Configuration of cron jobs for the automatic actualization processes
  • Configuration of cron jobs for a database backup
  • Optionally configuration of the Network Configuration Backup and Management Module

Custom development service

Are you missing features? The GestióIP project offers a custom development service for the implementation of new features or adaptations to organization specific requirements in short term.

Please mail to for further information.

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