GestióIP Cloud IPAM (IPAM as a Service)

GestióIP IPAM is now available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud.

GestióIP Cloud - IPAM-as-a-Service

The GestióIP Cloud IPAMaaS solution is an alternative to an On-Premise installation of the software. It offers a ready to use, pre-installed/pre-configured instance of GestióIP in the cloud.

There is no additional hardware on your site required nor the need to install or care for the maintenance of the software. Just contract your GestióIP instance, configure the VPN and start working.

The main characteristics of the GestióIP Cloud IPAMaaS are:

GestióIP Cloud IPAM

The GestióIP Cloud IPAM-as-a-Service offers an easy way to implement an IP Address Management system and to at once enjoy the benefits of a cloud based software solution.

Save time and costs

The software is available in only one day. You save time for planning and for the installation of the software. You do not need to care for questions like software updates, backups or maintenance. This tasks are executed by the GestióIP project. The cloud instance will automatically be updated to the latest available stable version. There is no additional hardware or network infrastructure on the client site required. As the pricing model is subscription based, you have a clear and direct overview about the costs.

The subscription includes email Support with guaranteed response times.

The GestióIP IPAM Cloud instance includes the commercial API, which allows other processes to communicate with GestióIP.

Data security

The GestióIP instance is running on a virtual server in the cloud and can be securely accessed with a browser through a VPN tunnel.

Every GestióIP instance is running on a dedicated virtual server.

There will be automatically backups of the database created.

Choose a Digitalocean data center of your region (US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore or India) where your data and the GestióIP instance should be physically hosted.

More Information

Mail to for further information or to request a free trail.