next release

GestióIP v3.0 will be released on 30 of November 2011 and will include amongst others the following new features:

  • IPv6 support
  • IPv6 address plan builder
  • Management system for leased or dial-up lines
  • Management system for autonomous systems
  • Support for root networks including other networks
  • Full SNMPv3 support (noAuthNoPriv,authNoPriv,authPriv)
  • Statistics enhanced and now with graphical charts
  • Possibility to export search results to CSV
  • Network import and discovery functions more flexible
  • Advanced search: Custom columns now searchable
  • Export functions: Custom columns now exportable
  • Import from spreadsheet functions: Custom columns now importable
  • Possibility to import VLANs from spreadsheets
  • Possibility to export VLANs to CSV
  • Support for individal links for each host to external applications like MRTG or Wikis and links to start remote sessions with ssh, telnet, vnc, ...
  • Enhanced OCS Inventory NG support: Optional button to fetch host information from OCS
  • Online-check for updates

If you would like to test GestioIP v3.0 BETA please mail to

We are searching translators. If you would like that next release of GestióIP comes with your language please mail to

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