Release notes

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Version 3.0


  • Full IPv6 support
  • IPv6 address plan builder
  • Management system for leased and dial-up lines
  • Management system for autonomous systems
  • Support for root networks (network containers which can include other networks)
  • Full SNMPv3 support (noAuthNoPriv,authNoPriv,authPriv)
  • Statistics enhanced and now with graphical charts
  • Possibility to export search results to CSV
  • Network import and discovery functions more flexible
  • Advanced search: custom columns now searchable
  • Export functions: custom columns now exportable
  • Import from spreadsheet functions: Custom columns now importable
  • Search function for VLANs
  • Possibility to import VLANs from spreadsheets
  • Possibility to export VLANs to CSV
  • Support for individal links for each host to external applications like MRTG or Wikis and links to start remote sessions with ssh, telnet, vnc, ...
  • Enhanced OCS Inventory NG support: optional button to fetch host information from OCS
  • Online-check for updates
  • Enhanced documentation: new upgrade and installation guides
  • Support for Brasilian/Portugese language. Thanks to Jeferson Gangôrra for the translation
  • Support for Dutch language. Thanks to Quentin Schoemaker for the translation
  • Support for French language. Thanks to Yann Gauteron and Sebastien Plot for the translation
  • Support for Russian language. Thanks to Oleg Karaev for the translation
  • Support for Debian Linux

Version 2.2.8


  • VLAN management including automated VLAN discovery via SNMP
  • Automatic discovery of network infrastructure by only introducing one or more layer III devices (e.g. routers or multilayer switches)
  • Support for different clients with overlapping IP networks
  • Host-discovery via SNMP
  • Customizable columns for both networks (e.g. VLAN) and hosts (e.g. serial, OS, vendor)
  • Networks and hosts can be sorted by each column (e.g. by "hostname")
  • Better handling of networks with small bitmasks
  • Support for networks with /32 bit bitmasks
  • DNS server to use configurable
  • Optional confirmation window for critical actions
  • SSL support
  • Improved VirtualHost handling
  • Improved design of frontend Web
  • Supports now Italian language. Thanks to Denis Pavani for translation.
Automatic actualization
  • Actualization against DNS: Host entries were not updated in case that address responds to ping but did not have a rDNS entry configured - fixed

The new SNMP discovery functions are partly based on Max Baker's powerful Perl Module SNMP::Info

Version 2.2.7


  • New form to import hosts from spreadsheets
  • New form to export networks or host to CSV files
  • Includes now statistics
  • Importation of networks from spreadsheet more flexible: Allows now to import all sheets of a spreadsheet directly as well as import dedicated sheets of a spreadsheet
  • Importation of networks (spreadsheet and SNMP) allows now to include new networks directly within automatic actualization
  • View "free ranges" offers now links to create new networks directly from free address spaces
  • New forms for manual network creation: create now up to 50 networks with same or different BMs in one step
  • Network overview offers a new link to directly check all IPs of a network with "ping"
  • New global configuration parameters: "synchronize only reserved ranges" and "ping timeout" (requires Ping::External patch)
  • "Manage GestioIP" shows now database disk usage and number of events of tables "audit" and "audit_auto"
  • Network manipulation buttons now available form "network list view", too
  • "network list view" allows now paging
  • Split red: New form to split networks directly in smaller subnets with same bitmasks
  • Subnet calculator shows now a second form of hex IP and accepts IPs in integer format
  • Sites and categories - now up to 30 characters
  • Pages scoll now automatically to last position after manipulating networks or host from list views. Thanks to Paco Martínez for this suggestion and for the code
  • Enhancements of Web interface
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Automatic actualization
  • Actualization against DNS/OCS: Create now semaphore files
  • Actualization against DNS/OCS: Log now only last run
  • Actualization against DNS: Update failed for IP addresses without rDNS entries - fixed
  • Actualization against OCS: now with ping-check
  • Actualization against OCS: now considered like stable

Version 2.2.6


  • New Web form to migrate easily from spreadsheet based IP address management
  • New Web form to import networks from routing tables of SNMP enabled devices
  • New Web form to edit configuration parameters directly
  • New Web form to manage audit log
  • "Host list view" shows now result of last check via "ping" - thanks to Scott Miller for coding and recomendations to enhance database design
  • New network view "host overview"
  • New network view "host status view"
  • New interface to manage categories and sites with the possibility to rename them
  • All pages now with filter "entries per page"
  • Comes now with an "online help" (as yet not completed)
  • Comes now with pre-defined host categories
  • New page "about" with information how many networks and IP addresses are managed
  • System to reserve ranges for special usage rewritten and more flexible
  • some minor bugs fixed
Automatic actualization
  • Revised and in some parts rewritten
  • Now separated scripts for actualization against DNS and OCS
  • Actualization against DNS checks now host status via "ping"
  • Actualization against DNS now much more faster
  • All events of automatic actualization create now entries in the audit DB

Version 2.2.5


  • Comes now with an audit system and histories for host and network entries
  • Quicksearch - search for "-ignore_string" like first argumtent failed with "no result" - fixed
  • Reserved ranges were not deleted while scaling down networks via the mod_red_form - fixed
  • "-1%" net usage bug - fixed
  • Some changes in the design of the web pages

Version 2.2.4


  • Comes now with a script to update GestióIP easily
  • Subnet calculator: Wrong integer value of IP addresses which are not network IDs fixed
  • Some problems in relation with the presentation of networks with small bitmasks fixed

Version 2.2.3


  • Quicksearch supports now internet search engine equivalent expressions like -string_to_ignore, +exact_match and "exact match"
  • Comes now with a subnet calculator
  • Offers now the posibility to reserve ranges for special usage (e.g. DHCP)
  • Comes now with a new page "detailed network view"
  • Split and join network funktions offer now forms to edit the parameters of the new networks directly
  • Multiple installation permits now sub-directories (e.g. GESTIOIP_CGI_DIR="apps/gestioip1") and individal configuration files for each instance
  • Some changes in the design of the web pages

Version 2.2.2


  • Multiple instances: Link problem fixed
  • Multiple instances: Now one AuthUserFile file for every instance


  • syntax error fixed

Version 2.2.1


  • Broken link "checkhost" fixed
  • Broken link "free ranges" fixed

Version 2.2.0


  • Comes now with an automated, script based installation
  • Comes now with a script to import networks from SNMP enabled devices (queries static routes)
  • Supports now bitmasks from 1-30
  • Web server configuration changed - The "VirtualHost" based configuration was replaced by a simple "Directory" based configuration to avoid conflicts with existing apache configurations
  • Web based installation: Connect problem to some remote databases fixed (install1.cgi)
  • Web based installation: Improved error handling

Version 2.1.3


  • Supports now mixed columns of bitmasks and subnetmasks
  • Supports now the optional columns site, category and comment
  • Detects now overlapping networks

Version 2.1.2

Automatic actualization (

  • Problem with mail-from field of the notification mail fixed

Version 2.1.1


  • Notification message "doesn't respond to ping" was changed to "does not respond to ping" because the apostrophe causes an "Character not allowed" error when updating the host entry manually. Delete the apostrophe to get rid off it or execute "update host set comentario = "does not respond to ping" where comentario="doesn\'t respond to ping";" from mysql's command line to update the affected entries.
  • Some changes in the language files
Automatic actualization (
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • New configuration options added
  • Now in English

Version 2.1.0

First public release of GestióIP IP address management software

IP address management software GestióIP Copyright © Marc Uebel 2012