Apply this actualization to upgrade to GestióIP v3.2 or to update v3.2 to the lates patch version.

Download the actual actualization tar-ball

Installation instructions

Untar actualize_gestioip32.tar.gz

$ tar vzxf actualize_gestioip32.tar.gz

Change to directory actualize_gestioip32

$ cd actualize_gestioip32

Execute like root

$ sudo ./

How do you backup the configurations of your network devices?

GestióIP offers a flexible Network Configuration Backup and Management Module

Patch log

GestióIP 3.2

Version 4 (03/03/2015)

  • Statistic page offers now direct links to list networks and host by their site and location
  • Advanced search allows now to search for networks and hosts without site or location
  • Host modification form: New checkbox "Don't create entry for the linked IP" allows to prevent the automatic creation of an entry for the linked IP
  • User Group modification form: only the first client was selected, other configured clients were ignored
  • Fetch host information via SNMP ("i"-button) - blank result page in some linux versions
  • Network configuration backup module: support for Huawei VRP added
Version 3 (04/02/2015)

  • Support for "Favourite" networks added. New predifined network column "Fav" allows to mark networks as favourites, new "favourite button" allows to list the favourite networks easily
  • New predefined network column "VRF"
  • Authorization system denied to delete hosts manually
  • Configuration Management: Support for devices running Adtran AOS added

Version 2 (23/01/2015)

  • Activation of the authorization system checks now if the variable REMOTE_USER is set
  • Email adress check did not allow the charecters "." and "-"
  • Enhancement of the error messages in the case that the access was denied by the authorization system
  • New vendor Eaton

Version 1 (15/01/2015)

GestióIP offers now a fine granulated authorization system. See the Documentation for further details.

GestióIP 3.1

Version 4 (17/12/2014)

  • Configuration Management Module allows now to backup devices behind NAT
  • Configuration Management Module allows now to specify the Connection Protocol port
  • Language switched back to English when accessing the "list CM hosts" form

Version 3 (02/12/2014)
  • Error when creating multiple root networks with same bitmasks
  • "Delete old audit events" only deleted events for the actual client
  • IP addresses in the comment for reserved ranges appeared under some circumstances in hexadecimal
  • Confirmation window for "delete client" option
  • Deleting the value of a custom column and updating another custom column with the same value in one step caused that the update not worked
  • show free ranges: when accessing to the "create networks" form from the last free range of "show free ranges" view, the proposed network was wrong
  • Support for new vendor: Microsemi

Version 2 (23/10/2014)
  • It was not possible to delete host entries after executing a host search
  • It was not possible to delete host from "only used entries"-mode of "host list view"
  • new vendor Ericsson
  • CMM: the Network Configuration Management Module offers now a Dashboard which gives an overview of the executed Jobs
  • CMM: new XML file: Vyatta

Version 1 (08/10/2014)

GestióIP offers now optionally a flexible and powerful module to automatically backup and manage configurations of network devices like switches, router, load balancer or firewalls. read more...

GestióIP 3.0

Version 28 (21/05/2014)

  • Show free ranges: some problems with nested root networks fixed
  • When accessing the "insert network" form from "free ranges" view, in some cases, the number of possible networks was not correctly calculated
  • Separated configurations for Apache 2.2 and 2.4
  • Import hosts from spreadsheets: new option "append entries" allows to select if information from spreadsheet should be overwritten or appended to old entries
  • Import hosts from spreadsheets: custom column entries where not overwritten when importing host multiple times
  • Correction of some spelling errors in English, Spanish and German vars files

Version 27 (24/03/2014)

  • Apache's mod_cgi is disabled in ubuntu 13.10. Setup offers now the possibility to enable mod_cgi automatically
  • Apache configuration: satisfy any directive added
  • show free ranges: number of free IPv6 networks were incorrect displayed
  • VLAN export: VLAN providers will now be exported, too

Version 26 (20/01/2014)

  • VLAN providers were not displayed within "show vlan provider" view
  • index.cgi: language switched back to English
  • ip_search_vlan.cgi internal server error
  • uses now explicitly /bin/bash and accepts now a script path other than /usr/share (this problem affected some Unix system like FreeBSD)

Version 25 (29/11/2013)

  • show free ranges: some problems with nested root networks fixed
  • show free ranges: new option permits to collapse root networks
  • audit log: broken links, when the webserver worked on other ports than 80 or 443
  • some special characters where incorrectly displayed within the labels of the statistical graphs
  • statistical graphs offer now links to a bigger version of the graphs
  • the generation of the statistic page is now faster
  • incorrect display of "comment" and "description" field in host modification form in the case that the value contained a quotation mark (")
  • and new option -CSV_networks permits to specify a coma separated list of networks to process (example format:,
  • and new option -Network_file permits to specify a file containing a list of networks to process
  • Support for new vendors: Kemp, Riverbed, Thomson

Version 24 (04/10/2013)

  • Security relevant bug fix: script ip_checkhost.cgi permitted remote code execution for authenticated users via a specially crafted URL
  • Client management rewritten. It is now more clear and easier to use
  • When managing more than 10.000 networks, network links up from link "21" where broken

Version 23 (27/07/2013)

  • Reserve range function allows now to reserve single IP addresses
  • In the case that the search result passes 500 found entries, search result will now display the first 500 entries
  • Filter networks link did not work in the case that the server was listening on ports other then 80 or 443
  • Enhanced notification messages when manipulating clients
  • Support for new vendors: Arquimedes, LG, Megaware

Version 22 (20/06/2013)

  • Error in mass update when executed after an advanced host search
  • Column missmatch after advanced host search
  • accepts now locations containing spaces as location argument
  • mail_from option was ignored
  • accepts now different configuration files
  • Support for new vendors: Iboss, Imperva, Mobileiron

Version 21 (27/03/2013)

  • red overview offers now a link to export the result of the ping checks to CSV
  • insert new network form allows now to specify custom column values
  • network info page offers now a direct link to RIPE WHOIS database
  • allows now to restrict the sites for the networks which should be synchronized
  • allows now to specify a SMTP server
  • linked IP: it was not possible to link IPv6 to IPv4 addresses
  • show_redinfo: "percent usage"-info was under some circumstances incorrectly formatted
  • export to CSV: line breaks in comment or description field caused a column mismatch

Version 20 (06/02/2013)

  • improvements of "fetch device livedata": shows now VLAN table and device uptime, interface table shows now PVID, "last change" and IN/OUT errors
  • interface table of "fetch device livedata" had under some circumstances a column mismatch
  • show free ranges: includes now a filter for networks
  • show free ranges: start address of free range within rootnets without endnets were not correctly displayed
  • import hosts from spreadsheets: slash and equal signs were replaced by underscores when importing "URLs"
  • IPv6 addressing plan creator: networks on nibble boundaries are now highlighted with green color
  • IPv6 addressing plan creator: export link did not work for some languages
  • "Linked IP" was not shown in modify host form

Version 19 (17/01/2013)

  • "linked IP" feature offers now a direct link to add hosts in the case that the "linked IP" does not have a host entry
  • vlan import: problems with Cyrillic symbols in description field - thanks to Leonid Kabanov for providing a patch to fix this issue
  • column mismatch in the heading of the exported data when exporting all hosts of a network
  • enhancements in the network synchronization against DNS
  • some minor bugs fixed

Version 18 (10/01/2012)

  • Adding "linked IPs" to an IP address creates now entries in the linked IP field of the correspondig linked addresses
  • splitting a red caused that all reserved ranges were deleted
  • custom column values where not deleted when modifying BM of a network
  • search for IPv6 IP address failed with "no result"
  • mass update hosts for IPv6 failed with a Mysql error
  • DNS zone file generator did not displayed IPv6 reverse entries for all networks
  • some minor bugs fixed

Version 17 (02/01/2012)

  • New feature: new predefined custom column "linked IP" permits to link IP addresses with other IP addresses (e.g. to associate a private IP address with an official NAT address).

  • !!! Note: as the actualization does not modify the database it is necessary to manually add the new predefined custom host column "linked IP" to the database to activate the new feature !!!

    The "linked IP" field permits single IPs as well as a coma separated list of IP addresses.

    Log into the Mysql database:
    $ mysql -u gestioip -p gestioip

    And add the new value with the following command:
    mysql> insert into predef_host_columns (id,name) values (15,"linked IP");

  • DNS zone file generator ignored the option "Ignore out-of-zone data" for reverse zones
  • DNS zone file generator did not correctly displayed the list of ignored networks with bitmasks > 24

Version 16 (27/12/2012)

  • New feature: DNS zone file generator. This feature permits to generate automatically DNS forward and reverse zone on the basis of the managed networks (with support for BIND and tinydns) (see the provisional documentation)
  • Import VLANs from spreadsheets permits now to import "VLAN providers"
  • Custom column URL allows now equal sign ("=") within a URL
  • Support for the vendors Storagetek and Lenovo
  • Automatic actualization against OCS: script failed to insert new hosts
  • Links to vendor list from the statistic page did not show a result after host mass update for vendors
  • Statistics page did not show vendor images correctly after host mass update for vendors
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Version 15 (07/11/2012)

  • It was not possible to change the prefix length of IPv6 networks with prefix lengths greater than /64
  • "About GestióIP"-page displayed the count of the VLANs of the actual client instead of the count of all VLANs
  • In some cases IPv6 "goto host/address" didn't found entries when a hostname was introduced
  • Problem importing spreadsheets in the case that the path to DocumentRoot contained other than alphanumeric characters
  • Mass update failed in the case that only custom columns where edited
  • New Feature: new button "I" within "host list view" allows to query live data via SNMP for every IP addresses
  • New Feature: "network list view" allows now to switch between bitmasks and subnet-mask

Version 14 (17/09/2012)

  • New option "contract rootents" permits to hide networks which fall into rootnetworks
  • Network mass update: modified networks are now highlighted
  • Networks with bitmasks of /30 and /31 can now be split
  • Network export to CVS: exported networks can now be tagged as root network
  • Import networks from spreadsheets: new option allows to import networks as root networks
  • Network search: found networks are now ordered by IP
  • Network modification form did not displayed custom column values when accessing from "network overview"
  • Corrections in Catalan translation

Version 13 (24/08/2012)

  • Network mass update caused under some circumstances that the location or sync field was reset. This problem was not completely resolved with actualization 10
  • Host mass update caused under some circumstances that the location field was reset
  • Host mass update: after deleting host entries from multiple networks, the entries of the "networks" column in the "delete_host" page where displayed incorrectly
  • Import hosts from spreadsheets: spreadsheets that contained a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses caused that under some circumstances the first hosts of IPv4 networks were ignored
  • Import networks from spreadsheets: networks with bitmasks of /31 and /32 were ignored

Version 12 (24/07/2012)

  • Manage GestióIP: in the case that the MIB directory was missing, the manage GestióIP site displayed an error message and did not offer the possibility to change the MIB directory
  • When calculating networks from "new network" form, the subnet-calculator displayed a wrong "network" in the case that the combination of the new network/BM was invalid
  • Workaround for a SNMP bug in Juniper SSG firewalls which caused that networks where not correctly imported

Version 11 (15/06/2012)

  • Import hosts from spreadsheet with multiple clients with same networks configured: host were in some cases imported with a wrong network ID which caused that this hosts wasn't displayed in host list view.
  • Error accessing IPv6 addressing plan builder under Catalan and Spanisch language

Version 10 (09/05/2012)

  • Show free ranges: number of free addresses was in some cases incorrect
  • Network mass update caused under some circumstances that the location or sync field was resetted. This problem was cause by actualization 8

Version 9 (04/05/2012)

  • Show free ranges: problems in displaying free ranges between nested rootnets
  • Modify lines form: "NULL"-value from location list deleted

Version 8 (30/04/2012)

  • Network mass update caused under some circumstances that the host of the modified networks disappeared from host list view
  • Show free ranges view:
    • Displays now free ranges before the first and after the last endnet when entering rootnetworks
    • Neworks with same ID are now sorted by bitmask
    • Allows now to access directly to host list views
  • "Import hosts and networks from spreadsheet form": column select box included a zero "0" in place of an "O"
  • SQL error while searching from advanced network search through custom columns

Version 7 (07/04/2012)

  • Deleting hosts with mass update after quick search: only some of the marked hosts where deleted
  • "Host by vendor" statistic displayed in some cases not the vendors but the content of another custom column

Version 6 (14/03/2012)

  • Automatic actualization script did not add new hosts
  • It was possible to delete some default categories
  • script was unable to change cgi-scripts permissions in the case that the Linux distribution was not recognized

Version 5 (18/02/2012)

  • Support for traditional and modern Chinese - Thanks a lot to Bill Liu for the translation
  • SNMPv3 authPass was rejected when trying to import networks via SNMP or trying to start the initialization

Version 4 (15/02/2012)

  • New feature: mass update for networks
  • New feature: mass update for hosts
  • New feature: custom host column "URL" allows now to use variables for IP and hostname
  • New feature: IP address plan now exportable to CSV
  • Updates for language files
  • Hierarchical address plan: some networks where ignored while creating the new IPv6 networks
  • Import host spreadsheet: hosts where in some cases imported into rootnetworks which caused that the host where not displayed in "host list view"
  • Reserved ranges: "network overview" and "network status view" did not display all hosts of the reserved ranges
  • Deleting rootnet caused that host entries of end network where deleted, too
  • Statistic images where not shown under French language
  • History for hosts had displayed in some cases the history for the wrong host

See the updated user guide for how the new features are working.

Version 3 (21/12/2011)

  • Custom network columns: If the same custom column value was associated with multiple networks, deleting the value from one network caused that the value was deleted from the other networks, too
  • Error message "Use of uninitialized value $search_index in string at /var/www/gestioip/ip_searchip.cgi line 107..." fixed
  • Blue background while hovering over endnets

Version 2 (19/12/2011)

  • GestioIP allows now networks with a bitmask of 31
  • Long descriptions with special characters caused that host entries were not correctly updated
  • Enhanced character check for SNMPv1/2c community strings and SNMPv3 auth_pass and priv_pass
  • Clients: Importing hosts for a network which existent within multiple clients caused in some cases that the hosts were imported for a wrong client
  • vars_cat, vars_es, vars_ru updated
actualization scripts:
  • and networks with BM > 30 will now be ignored
  • ip_update_gestioip_dns: networks are now listed in log file when DNS server fails
  • ip_update_gestioip_dns: empty lines in report mail deleted

IP address management software GestióIP Copyright © Marc Uebel 2015